Impact of Covid on big fat Indian Weddings

Weddings are huge deals for every Indian family whether it be divided by caste or class. Each and every parent wishes to make the D day of their children a memorable one.

Covid had given a great impact on weddings and on the Indian culture too. The number of weddings declined as they are postponed or canceled due to fewer gatherings mostly. The various events performed as per different religions on different auspicious days are performed on a single day divided into two halves of the day morning evening functions are been highly seen these days.

Impact on family Functions

For instance, during covid all the small rituals performed like haldi, Mehandi are been done on the same day. Whereas, everyone wants their festivities at the home to be outstretched to at least a week. The rural areas of India still have festivities stretched as the restriction are overseen in some areas as compared to urban areas and metropolitan cities the festivities are limited as much as possible and are completed in two or three days during restrictions and lockdown.

The common Story of Event Industry

The planners also faced major issues during Covid restrictions due to market shutdowns and less flow of the new stock used for decor purposes. So, the creativity and flow of new ideas were also seen to be a bit restricted to the old ones. Very few new developments were seen to be made in the wedding designs. Also, the flow of original flowers to flower mandi was restricted due to transportation during lockdown is seen to be a big task for everyone. But this impact was seen to be precisely profitable for some as the prices of flowers were declined due to less demand in the market.  Some high-profile weddings were seen to be more precautious than others. In these, a covid report of 24-48 hours prior was required as the guest list consisted of some VIP members with the mask on and sanitization as much as possible for everyone to avoid any kind of contamination among the guests. Not only guests but the bride and groom faced issues with their outfits. Most of them had limited choices as some shops were opened and some had vast as they had their own designers decided. A major difference that was seen as the distribution of the invitation cards which Indian families took care of personally before covid. Now, due to covid online invitation cards were adopted and it was seen to be distributed digitally via Whatsapp, SMS, Instagram, and other social apps where their guests seemed to be active.

Personally observing, many people adopted the idea of distributing the guests and dividing them into different festivities of haldi, mehandi, and wedding day. This way they were able to meet most of the guests and get everyone’s blessings which the Indian’s look forward to on their auspicious day.


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