Event Styling and Designs 

As an event designer, requires a solid education. Many of the skills of a planner can be learned on the job and through a mentor, but designers need more refined skills. They need to have a deeper understanding of design theory and art, and they also need to be able to use design software. The best way to get into this career is to get a diploma or certificate in event design or styling. A four-year degree is not necessary, but a program that focuses specifically on event design is a great way to get the necessary skills and to prove to prospective employers and clients that you have those skills.

Event Styling & Designs 
Duration: 6 Months
Certification by Academy 
Theory : 120 Hrs |  Practical : 15-20 Private Events
Workshops: 3 (Decor, Light and Catering)
Venue Exposure: 100 Venue (5 Star Banquets & Hotels)
Exhibition Visits: 10 (High Profile Supplier chains)
Market Visits: 25 Market related Events only (Delhi NCR)
Placements: Available (Interview Based) 100% Assistance
Membership: Whole Life Support (Business & Job)

Total Fees : INR 45,000 + Taxes


Experience on the ground is also important in getting into event design or planning, so look for an academic program that allows you to do hands-on work. You want a program that is staffed by instructors who have experience working in the industry. It should also have some type of internship or field work program. Having that real-world experience is crucial for developing your skills and for landing your first job.

Are you ready to start an exciting career as an event designer? If this sounds like the kind of work you have been dreaming of doing, check out the academic event design programs available that can set you on the path to your dream career.

Event Planners often Supervise Designers When the planner and designer for an event are two separate professionals, the planner is usually higher in the event hierarchy. The planner may even be responsible for finding and hiring an event designer. Depending on the individuals, the planner may give the designer free reign to be creative or may give strict guidelines based on client expectations.

​The planner also may act as a go-between for the client and the designer or the designer may sit in on meetings. Event Designers Have the Creative Work the designer is the one exercising creativity the most. This is the professional who makes sure all the artistic elements of an event, like color, flowers, music, light, texture ,pattern shades come together to represent the theme. To be a good event designer means having a solid background in art, design, .you must  understand a little bit of  color theory ,shades​


  • Basic Knowledge​
  • Private Events
  • Weddings
  • Traditional Events
  • Marketing (Productive)
  • Event Styling​
  • Production​
  • Layout Designing
  • Set Designing
  • Event Budgeting​
  • Fabric Décor
  • Flower Designing​
  • Elements Designing 
  • Light Design 
  • Props. Design
  • Creativity
  • Event Execution​
  • Business  Establishment 

Career Scope

Today, there are thousands of companies organizing events on a regular basis. it involves the small time private events to the large-scale international events. A good number of young people are entering in this field because they realize the potential of the market and the demand and supply situation. In fact, the most profitable aspect of this field is the need for creativity. And that is how and where one earns. The management of events calls, largely for coordination, from stage one. The first thing required is to get the orders for the event. This process is also known as pitching for an event. Usually, whether it is for small time events (birthday parties and weddings), or then for the larger ones assigned by companies (exhibitions and trade fairs), or the international concerts; the event manager/company is asked to submit a project report, with the finances involved. On the basis of this, the assignment is given to them.

Nature of Jobs

An event manager has to first design the basic framework of the event. After they should prepare the marketing plans, finding sponsors, works on the logistics, Venue selection as per demand, vendors Selections, Key Performers, Prints/mails invitation cards or passes, Menu selection, looks after the decor, Artist Booking, Hospitality and Accommodation, and on the event day, co-ordinates, plans and finalizes every aspect of the event. Event managers usually start working months before the event. Sometimes, in order to make the work easier, large event management companies hire the services of smaller companies on a contract basis.


Event styling and designing is an excellent field to make money. In fact once you start getting the feel of the field, it will never be a problem. Even freelancers today earn anywhere between Rs.20,000 and above today. It is a very lucrative profession. Money again depends on the kind of events you handle. If you prefer to deal with weddings and parties it may easily come around Rs. 30, 000 to 40,000 or even more. Event coordinators with a good deal of experience could earn much higher.