Trendy Wedding Themes For 2021

Top five most popular and trendy wedding themes for 2021 in the beginning of the year.

● Rustic Theme

Rustic wedding themes are to some degree easygoing and are regularly held on locations,such as, horse shelters, ranches, mountain cabins, farms or open lounges . Indeed, anyplace that fuses nature or the field is an ideal fit for a rustic theme. The style will in general join heaps of common components including wood, earth tones, wild blossoms, metals, etc.

Earthy Tones

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The décor usually have glass jars, metal vases, wooden tables and boxes, flowers such as baby breaths, pale roses etc.


● Pastel Themes

Pastel wedding theme is as ideal wedding theme for daytime and summer season weddings. Pastel colors provide a different and natural glow to the wedding. They have a soft look that blends well to give a romantic and classy look.

Pastel Tones

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The décor mostly has pastels colored balloons, flowers, tables, vases and the decoration is done with silk, net and muslin clothes.

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● Modern Theme

Modern wedding theme has shimmery look as it is filled crystals and lights. Such themes are mostly used in night weddings and at venues like hotels and banquet halls.

Modern Tones

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This theme gives a festive vibe. The venue usually has lots of lights with flowers and fabrics of bright colors.Some examples of such décor are as following

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● Bohemian Theme

A bohemian wedding theme can be called as a Forest Fairy or an Alice-in-the-Wonderland theme. This theme is perfect for people who love to appreciate the beauty of nature because it deals with complete natural shades and an Enchanted Forest-like feel with lots of rice-lights, stones, grasses, trees, multi colored flowers. Such themes are used for open wedding venues, example, gardens, lawns, farmhouses, etc.

Bohemian Tones

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The decor of Bohemian theme is usually a beautiful blend of vintage, rustic, garden and natural look. It has wooden chairs and tables with flowers and lights to give dreamy, magical and romantic vibes.

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• Traditional Theme

The Traditional Wedding Theme is never out of style. Be it our favorite celebrities or movie stars, they all go for traditional theme. But there have been changes in the color scheme, like nowadays people prefer subtle and delicate colors instead of bright colors.

Traditional Tones

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The décor has bright colored flowers and fabrics. Golden color is used a lot in such themes to give a glossy bright look. Even now when people use mild colors, they never forget to pair it with golden.

Trendy Wedding Themes for 2021


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