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Survey Report

Survey Objectives :-

1. How many people are aware about this Industry?
2. If they know, What do people think about the Industry?
3. How much earning do they expect?
4. What do people think is the real perk of Working in this Industry?

Industry Expert Says :-

● What is this Industry about?
● The Market share of the Industry and the expected growth
● Number of People joining this Industry
● Different Types of Events
● The New trends and Demands of the Industry
● Scopes and Promotion of the Industry

1) What is this Industry about?

Ans: Event management involves overseeing all logistics leading up to and during an event, whether a conference, wedding, or any organized gathering. Event managers execute the event plans by managing staff, finances, vendor relationships, and more.

In the event planning profession, the job titles are as diverse and numerous as the services offered, and it can often be difficult to differentiate one from another. It can be challenging when preparing an event planning portfolio, looking for work, or working with a client who does not have the correct understanding of your job function and responsibilities.

2) The Market of Event Management and Expected Growth?

Ans: The events industry size was valued at $1,135.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 11.2% from 2021 to 2028. Events refer to public gathering of populace art at a determined time and place.
The purpose for staging an event can be increase in business profitability, celebratory, entertainment, and community causes among others. The most popular events include conference & exhibition, corporate events & seminars, promotion & fundraising, music & art performance, sports, festival, trade shows, and product launch. The key stakeholders within the events market are corporate organizations, public organizations & NGOs.

3) Number of People joining this Industry


  1. More than 65% of people think Event Management is a Lucrative Career and would like to join it.
  2. 33% of Respondents want to explore more

4) Different Types of Events

1. Private Events such as Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthday parties.
2. Corporate Events such as Conferences, Seminar, Incentives MICE. 
3. Commercial Events like Concerts, DJ Night.
4. Hybrid Events
5. Online Events
6. Sports Events
7. Social Events
8. Community Events
9. Fundraising Events

5) New Trends of Events and Demands of The Industry


Trends of Events

  • Virtual Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Hybrid Events
  • Sports Events

Demands of The Industry

  • Dynamism
  • Patients
  • Multitask
  • Creativity
  • Organizational Skills

6) Scopes of Event Management

  • In a Corporate Company gives you added skillset
  • In Marketing Field makes you learn ground reality
  • Helps you Start business
  • Helps you in Organizing Events for yourself

Promotion Hierarchy
1. Director

     Program Coordination Department

    • Event coordinator
    • Event planner
    • Computer scorer
    • Ceremony manager
    • Programmer coordinator

Venue Coordination Department

    • Risk manager
    • Environment controller
    • Booking manager
    • Set up team manager
    • Volunteer manager
    • Volunteers

Equipment Coordination Department

    • Sound manager
    • Transport manager
    • Driver
    • Cleaning manager
    • Cleaning team member
    • Musicians

Promotion Coordination Department

    • Promotion coordinator
    • Publicity manager
    • Marketing manager
    • Media expert
    • Sales expert
    • Sales executive
    • Marketing executive

Officials Coordination Department

    • Umpires
    • Referees
    • Marshal
    • Master of ceremonies
    • Official coordinator manager

Hospitality Coordination Department

    • Caterer
    • Sponsorship executive
    • Hospital manage

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