Life of a Wedding Planner


Life is a long everlasting process in which according to me we don’t stop learning as well as planning. Both the qualities mentioned are considered essential in a life of a wedding planner. Wedding planning all over the world is a fast and rapid growing industry in which designing, planning, managing, and executing is the only sole duty of a planner that is offered to a client.

A wedding planner has experienced both phases of amusement and manic at times. What needed to be done at these particular times is a bit of relaxation and thinking better and out of the box in order to be nearest to perfection. A very precise plan, that is backup plan, is what almost all the wedding planners always have with them just in case things get wrong at any point or stage of that particular event. In some cases, some wedding planners are too overconfident to carry a backup plan of a wedding and some are so under-confident that they even carry a backup plan in a small event like that of a birthday party. A balance should be well maintained and understood by all the planners. Experienced and most exposed that is who have been practically exposed to much and gained knowledge on the basis of practice on the field, is the one who knows how to plan, strategize and execute their event accordingly in order to avoid last-minute chaos. Every client whether it be a bride or groom has dreamt of their wedding in each one of their own way to make it more euphoric than others so that others remember the décor, lights, and even the small elements used in their wedding. It is the work of the planner to make it a dream come true for their client in which they have thought. A wedding planner needs to fulfill the client’s needs at every step of the event for it to be successful. For this, one needs to plan it carefully and fill it a bit with emotions of his/her own so that it becomes memorable for both client and planner. Filling emotions is a very important step of planning, from choosing the color of the fabric till the color of the flowers used should be done enthusiastically so that the satisfaction of own work can be seen at the end of the completion of the event.

Most importantly the happiness is when a client and guests appreciate work and convey their feeling personally to the planner is what he/ she supposedly expects out of all the work and hard work done.

Author/Written by Muskan Yadav


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