Importance of Wedding Songs

If we observe, at a very early age back when our great grandparents got married. At that time shehnais were played at very minimum weddings that too at the time of groom entry and at the time of pheras. Then moving a bit forward with time and watching our grandparents getting married through pictures gives a different kind of joy knowing what was changed back then.

Along with shehnais, drums were added also now known as frame drums. As drums were introduced people started dancing a bit on the tunes played at that time. Moving forward to our parents’ wedding many things added up the new instruments, dhol, DJ was now in use. As cinema got recognized with some famous wedding songs of the era the tunes were played on the instruments which made the music industry got furthermore popularity. Nowadays weddings are so much more than just rituals. On every ritual, there are dance performances choreographed on different songs or a mixture of songs that are now also named mashups. Special hiring of choreographers is in trend where they teach steps and then coordinate it with music or song decided. On the big day of bride and groom parents of both sides give performances together or separate ways to make the event more graceful and beautiful. Bride’s and groom’s cousins and friends present group performances. There is a special bride entry these days in trend where the bride enters with a small dance performance. The wedding or an event is incomplete without some pet family songs they dance on at every function. Now if we see and differentiate a bit in songs each function-wise. On the day of mehndi, an iconic song from the 90s famous movie is played mehndi laga ke rakhna. On the day of Haldi, Bollywood Punjabi songs are famous like Morni Banke, lagdi hai thai, etc. At the time of bridal entry, either bride’s performance is prepared on a particular song as told or bridal entry song like din shagna da is played or any other as per the bride’s preference. At the time of phera and vidai taare hai baarati and Dilbaro respectively are famous old songs which are been played since long or any other upcoming Bollywood iconic is played again as per the preference of bride and groom. The cocktail party is the one where all the dance songs or Punjabi hits are played like dhol jageero da and oh ho ho ho by ikka sing and sukhbir randhawa.   Wedding song or music these days distress the mind and soul of every person and not just important in the wedding or an event. It plays an essential role in our lives and therefore boosts happy hormones at the time of the wedding when the whole family vibes together.

Weddings are generally seen to be an auspicious day in the family where two family meets and celebrates the beginning of two people into a new phase of life.

Author/Written by: Muskan Yadav



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