<![CDATA[ACADEMY OF EVENT PLANNING - Blog]]>Thu, 14 Nov 2019 12:32:44 +0530Weebly<![CDATA[Event Styling and Designing]]>Sun, 06 Jan 2019 07:15:34 GMThttp://aepedu.in/blog/event-styling-and-designingAs an event designer, requires a solid education. Many of the skills of a planner can be learned on the job and through a mentor, but designers need more refined skills. They need to have a deeper understanding of design theory and art, and they also need to be able to use design software. The best way to get into this career is to get a diploma or certificate in event design or styling. A four-year degree is not necessary, but a program that focuses specifically on event design is a great way to get the necessary skills and to prove to prospective employers and clients that you have those skills.
Event Planners often Supervise Designers When the planner and designer for an event are two separate professionals, the planner is usually higher in the event hierarchy. The planner may even be responsible for finding and hiring an event designer. Depending on the individuals, the planner may give the designer free reign to be creative or may give strict guidelines based on client expectations. The planner also may act as a go-between for the client and the designer or the designer may sit in on meetings. Event Designers Have the Creative Work the designer is the one exercising creativity the most. This is the professional who makes sure all the artistic elements of an event, like color, flowers, music, light, texture ,pattern shades come together to represent the theme. To be a good event designer means having a solid background in art, design, .you must  understand a little bit of  color theory ,shades  
<![CDATA[Design is Most Precious thing in Wedding Planning]]>Thu, 19 Apr 2018 08:46:39 GMThttp://aepedu.in/blog/design-is-most-precious-thing-in-wedding-planningWedding is very special day for our someone special. Some parts of wedding are getting lots of attention of guest like Decoration and Catering. But the Decor is only thing which cannot taste before a second of deliver as like food. The Design should be very Special as per theme and as per your special Guest. Design could be make from Flower, Fabric or Metallic product but it could be new, creative, ambitious and more than a WORD... Some times client has selected some References Image and Just want to it, In that case we should be very alert with that design and Conscious with small element of decor. ]]>